Risk Management

CyberWatcher has been awarded for its Risk Management service - enabling early warning and portfolio monitoring by structuring news and social media.

It makes it possible to detect potential credit and supply risk early -  and is a good complimentary to credit rating services.

It is available as an integration portal or as a web service to empower innovative Risk Management offerings.

One example of an advanced risk management solution that CyberWatcher has developed is the Corporate News Directory (CND):

- News archive analyzed and structured according to 50 000 corporations

- Consumer blogs analyzed and structured according to 50 000 corporations

- Established and launched in three countries

- Ability to make instant queries as well as alert on risk-indicating news


The awarded service includes a twelve-months' news archive analyzed and structured for more than
50 000 companies – by mapping all news according to the company IDs.

The platform includes several structuring techniques and an editor module for tuning filters.

The Corporate News Directory supports updating the portfolio.

A separate Alert service enables portfolio monitoring - including signal reporting.

A customized version of the dashboard portal can be made, offering early warning signals based on a combination of rating the financial history, credit rating and the news risk rating.

CyberWatcher has been awarded with the European Seal of e-Excellence 2010 Gold for its Corporate News Directory


This innovative platform is already available in three countries.

The unique expertise in this project: a combination of competence within search engine and semantic search with monitoring, rating as well as risk management skills.

Available for integration with web service - either as a stand-alone product or combined with credit information services.


10 years history developing technology within crawling and filtering of news

No irrelevant news articles, since everything is filtered by company ID

Early detection of potential fraud or supply issues


"...Creditsafe has launched a powerful new service which is a first within the credit referencing industry allowing companies to swiftly check any adverse media stories on businesses they are interested in. The Media Solutions product is powered by the CyberWatcher search engine and is already making waves within the industry. Creditsafe is delighted with its performance and look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration over the years...."

- David Knowles, Marketing Director, Safe Group

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