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CW Research

CyberWatcher offers a customized research portal with the ability to do historical searches and within a defined industry or geographical area. In addition, we offer integration into CRM or any other application.

Through our unique search index, we can enable news or market search with up to 7 years of history - in any market or language:

- Online media and press release portals

- Local or regional search

- Social media - Forums

- Social media - Expert Blogs

- Market Intellilgence

- Industry feeds

- Client-added sources


Clients can empower any information service or application with the CyberWatcher news search.

Through our API clients can integrate automated search and alerts with no local installation, or they can request us to set up a custom-branded search portal.

Through defining a source selection, the searches can be limited to cover only specific language(s), countries, industries and types of channels. You can even define only certain specific sources to be monitored. Our service also includes a global search option - with drill-down capabilities according to the above-mentioned parameters.

Social Media

CyberWatcher can offer the broadest search across social media channels in the market - through a combination of our indexed channels (Forums, Expert Blogs, Blogs, Reviews) and any other channels accessible through API's. Learn more about the Social Media News Wheel.


- Ability to establish and integrate a unique historical search service covering up to 7 years of history.

- Social media search service - empowers social media specialists with our unique combination of channels - Forums, News, Expert Blogs and Reviews.

- Ready-made research portal available to be linked with any application or information service.

- Highly cost-efficient to utilize - as all is based upon open, non-premium sources.


"...this is exactly what we have been looking for - and it enables our service to be so much more powerful without charging beyond expectations..."


10 years history developing technology within crawling and filtering of news

No irrelevant news articles, since everything is filtered by company ID

Early detection of potential fraud or supply issues

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Go to our Contact page or send an email to, leaving a few thoughts on your interest and requirements. We will get back to you with pricing, coverage and a demo. Then we will send you a start-package with the documentation you need to get started.
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