Geographical categorisation

Over the years, CyberWatcher has built a large library of sources that are constantly crawled for new articles. All the sources are tagged by geographical location. This allows the user to filter the findings based on one or several countries and it also enables geographical analysis of press coverage. 

Furthermore, we have added local regions in several countries including the Nordics, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Russia. The US is segmented by all the states. Thus, a user can choose to monitor local sources from a certain region of a country only. This allows for high flexibility in building searches and specificity. 


Countries per world region

Additionally, in several countries the sources are also distributed according to the local regions. E.g. the UK sources are categorized by 40 local regions, the US sources by all the states, the Nordics by local regions – and similarly for France, Germany, and more.

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Based on Greytness by Adammer™ / All photographs by Kai Fischer