Single sources

Our source library consists of more than 46 000 websites. All these sources have been qualified by our team of source editors, which implies a high level of quality. We constantly add new sources to the library - based on campaigns and research. However, there are websites around that don't necessarilly provide news of general interest, but still are highly crucial to you or your clients. Examples of this could include product sections of competitor websites, niche forums, expert blogs and more.

CyberWatcher crawls thousands of sources based upon client requests. Ever since the early days, our crawler has been well-known for its flexibility and ease of access. CyberWatcher offers setup and monitoring of custom sources globally. We are highly flexible with regards to type of website, language, geographical location or content structure. All we need is the URL and some additional information such as name, location, industry and channel.

If you are uncertain whether your list of crucial sources can be included, get in touch and we will analyse the websites for you!

Private sources

CyberWatcher can even add private sources for you. This works as with regular custom sources - the only difference being that no other user in the system will get news from the pivate source but you.

If another client wants to monitor the exact same URL, the private source becomes a regular public source within the system.

Based on Greytness by Adammer™ / All photographs by Kai Fischer